Rena Jones fund-an-album Take 2

As we previously mentioned, Rena Jones is attempting to crowd source the funds to record and produce her next album which will include many instrumentalist collaborations recorded in a full analogue studio.

The original Kickstarter campaign did not meet its goal, so the funding did not come through. She has restarted the effort at Indiegogo, where she’ll be able to keep any funds that are pledged, regardless of the total reached.

Rena has been a dear friend to and collaborator with OEM Radio over the years, so we want to draw as much attention to this effort as possible. Rena is an amazing talent and an amazing person. Please consider donating some dollars to actualize this album for her, and for all of us.  Every donation gets a copy of the album in one format or another, plus there are a lot of other special gifts.

Click the link, visit the page.