Catching up with: Monotonik Records

Still slogging through several years of netlabel releases that we’d neglected to keep up with.  Monotonik Records put out a wide range of free releases for about 10 years before going inactive in 2009.  Like all netlabels, they were willing to push the boundaries and release all sorts of music be it strange, wonderful, aggressive, slow, whatever.  One of our absolute favorites was the Latatoo EP by Sleepy Town Manufacture.

We went through everything they released in their last two years between 2007 and 2009 and found some real gems.  Here’s what we found:

Muxu – Show Us Your Weak Side

Muxu is a Malaysian duo that put this gentle ambient & downtempo album out in 2007.  Gentle rhythms with the appropriate amount of clickyness underlie sweeping ambiences and guitar.  A beautiful instance of electronic and acoustic elements coming together without sound forced or out of sync


Let’s walk on the frozen sea

Jet Jaguar – Biddy Bids

New Zealand artist Jet Jaguar put this EP out in 2008, comprised of microsounds and strange synths wound up into tight little downtempo jams.

Don’t have much else to say on this one other than it’s definitely worth the time to download it for free.  (go do it now)




Now Serving (not currently on OEM Radio, but a dope little jam you should hear)

We also pulled an odd track here and there from these artists: General Fuzz, Northcape, Flutterspot, and Dead Eros.

If you have some time and like to do a little digital crate digging, certainly check out Monotonik and their sister netlabels.