Original Electronic Music Radio (OEM Radio) began broadcasting on the Internet in 2003.  Started as a member of the dub beautiful radio network, OEM Radio seeks to bring a diverse array of interesting electronic listening music to a broad audience.

OEM Radio plays a wide assortment of electronic music genres not limited to: ambient, IDM, downtempo, dub, glitch, minimal techno, psychedelic chill, and many other not-so-easily categorized sounds.  OEM Radio plays listening music and not dance music.  We work with established as well as undiscovered artists and labels.

All the music played on OEM Radio has been submitted by the artists who wrote & recorded it, or the record labels that release it.  OEM Radio exists solely for the benefit of the artists and labels who contribute their work, and the audience who enjoys it.

The library contains upwards of 250 hours of music.  We continually add new music and purge tracks periodically to make sure the library stays within the intended range of sound, mood, and style.

Artists and labels are welcome to submit music for consideration, please see the Submission Page for more details.