Rena Jones & KiloWatts – Force Multiplier

Sometimes I just don’t know what to do with myself when two incredibly talented music producers collaborate and put out a release. Are two adepts going to clash? Are they going to strip away everything they come to the table with and create something wholly new and unrecognizable? Are their individual masteries and predilections going to fuse wildly in a vortex of brilliance and sheer madness to bring forth something at once bespoke, impenetrable, and magnificent?!?

Well, clearly it’s the latter here with two OEM Radio favorites, Rena Jones and KiloWatts on their new EP, Force Multiplier. Both of these savants have been involved in collaborations before, and this new joint really is something different than we’ve heard from any of those collabs or the artists individually.

Give this EP a spin and you’re going to hear Rena’s masterful string work woven into downtempo arrangements with that have all the hallmarks of the production and songwriting expertise that both she and KiloWatts are well known for. The individual song credits on the bandcamp page–which list the mind boggling collection of electronic and acoustic instrumental performances brought together for this EP–are a testament to the talent of these two artists.

Grab a digital copy on bandcamp and hear it in heavy rotation on OEM Radio!