Connect.Ohm – 9980

Ultimae Records is back with another one of their strongest artist albums to date.

Connect.Ohm – 9980

This is, in fact, a collaborative effort from two of the label’s stable of artists, Cell and Hybrid Leisureland.  Working together across the globe (France and Japan, respectively), this long distance relationship has worked out much better than the one between you and your 5th grade summer camp crush.

Nothing surprising about the sound design here, it’s crystal clear and spacious as you’d expect from the premiere distributor of panoramic music.  What is surprising, however, is the delicate interplay between (what I assume is) Cell’s driving rhythms and (what I further assume is) Hybrid Leisureland’s reach towards strange but blissful ambiences and arpeggiations.

It’s time to shut up and just let you take a listen for yourself.

Album preview (7mins)

Evolution 1:1



You can purchase the record on CD or digital download.