Kalya Scintilla – Remixed

I’m sad to report that most of the time – it’s true, remixing is like admitting you were wrong.  But when you’ve got incredible source material and some talented sound-tweakers, you’d bound to come up with good stuff.  The best example of this to date we can point you towards is Nalepa’s Flatlands:Remixes album.

Kalya Scintilla – Remixed

We thought Kayla Scintilla’s original material was fascinating and moving to begin with, but people are always so tempted to mess with art.  So thus we have a collection of tracks which is generally strong and at times, truly re-inspired.  As remix collections tend to, this album doesn’t have a lot of cohesion or give the impression of a strong story-arc; so take it for what it is, a collection of dope tracks re-tweaked for your listening pleasure. So just pop it in your iPod and hit the damned shuffle button.

Remixers include several notable names including Birds of Paradise, Mr. Bill, Desert Dwellers.

Unfortunately, no one’s bothered to youtube the songs yet, so we offer the Bandcamp page which allows you to stream the full tracks (and also purchase the album)!

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