Two slices of Phonocake

I really miss the heyday of netlabels.  For about 7 or 8 years, if you were intent on a little digital crate-digging, you could find some amazing new music to download for free (legally…what a concept!)

I was digging around Phonocake Records recently, and found a couple of great albums for the library.  Phonocake is one of the rare netlabels that is still in operation putting out releases.  As with all netlabels, the quality and genre of the music can vary greatly, so caveat emptor.

Madstyle – Chillusion EP

Setting aside, for the moment, a dubious EP title, this release has several really strong songs.  Madstyle’s style, as it were, is underwritten by slightly frenetic breakbeats that are slowed down and have all sorts of interesting pads and melodies layered over.

Have a listen:

Frozen Planet

More Freedom

VidasM – Beds and Dreams

This album is very different from the first.  It’s very unique, but a little challenging, which made it very intriguing for OEM Radio.  Beds and Dreams is a mellow, dark and slightly abstract affair.  Moody ambiences float over top of strange clicks and whirrs (vaguely reminiscent of Pole). The first song that caught my attention was Alice in Freakland.  The label describes this album as fluffy minimal electronica.  You decide…


Lime Flavour

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