R.I.P. Piekoz (aka David Piekos)

7190464Piekos is one of the artists who has been in the OEM Radio library from the very early days (2003). Sadly, we recently learned of his passing a few months ago. His first album, Narrativestructurez: What I Should’ve Done in What I Thought Was Maryland, is still a masterpiece to our ears. Ten songs from this album are STILL in the OEM Radio library, having survived the annual library pruning 11 times.

Piekoz was a master at crafting songs that are moody, offbeat, and contemplative. He was also a rather prolific photographer.  We had the pleasure of meeting him once during his short stint in San Francisco. He will be missed by many, and his music will live on here on OEM Radio.  Peace, David.

Please enjoy the entirety of Narrativestructurez: What I Should’ve Done in What I Thought Was Maryland, streaming below, and as a free download courtesy of the Piekos family.



5 thoughts on “R.I.P. Piekoz (aka David Piekos)

  1. He touched so many lives. His art will live on. Miss him every day.

  2. Dave was a true artist. He created without fear and he created simply out of the joy of creating. He wasn’t driven by the pitfalls of fame. I really admired his work and his process. I miss him all the time.

  3. Dave was my favorite Critic.
    I often checked to make sure something I thought was great passed the Piekoz test.
    Even when it didn’t I loved arguing with him about it.
    Miss you Dave!

    ps, He was also a great Mixed-Media/Painter and Poet. Not to mention a great Drinking Buddy.

  4. Dave was as pure an artist as there has ever been. He made music for himself first; he basically made up his own genre of music. Search the web, find his music, he left behind some amazing albums and released his last 2 albums for free before he died. He also made some videos, which you can find on Vimeo… He had an amazing mind, it was a loyal friend, he was was my favorite drinking buddy as well.

    I still think of you everyday man…

  5. Went over his place one night to work on some songs. Four hours later we hadn’t worked on a single thing and instead spent that time hanging out and listening to music.”Dave, we didn’t accomplish anything tonight” I said… whereas he then replied, “What are you talking about… we spent the whole night with music”. This was his genius really… miss you bro…

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