New Artist: Consciousness Federation

A band from Greece sent in some music, and it gave me a bit of nostalgia for spacey psychedelic dubs…

Consciousness Federation is a band made up of two chaps named Kostas and Kostas.

Their first LP Plasma was released on a Plusquam sublabel imprint back in 2008.  We grabbed 5 tracks from this one, sounds which really reminds me of a cross between Solar Fields, Shulman, and Saafi Brothers (…anyone remember those guys?).  Beyond the Exosphere is a slow building stompy number with rising arpeggiations that bleeds rhythmic tension off until a gentle landing.  This is the track that clued me in that I needed to pay more attention to the tracks (rather then tapping through them).  Another notable track on this one is Without a Shape, which might be an entry on a more modern Blade Runner soundtrack; it’s slow and moody, deliberate and slightly haunting.

Two EPs also came in: Terrestrial Intelligence and Extrospection, both containing more recent work… I grabbed several tracks from them for the OEM library.  Extrospection in particular has two stunning pieces, Causes and Effects, and The Creation of Morning Light.

Consciousness Federation has a knack for long compositions with slow builds, odd accents, and layered textures: both in the rhythm section and the leads.  This is music that you can either dial your mind into to pick apart the layered complexities, or let your mind go a little bit and let it wash over you for a more visceral experience.