Ultimae Records: V/A Compilation – Greenosophy

Just in from Ultimae Records, a new compilation…Added nearly all of the tracks from this one to the OEM Radio library…

Various Artists – Greenosophy

Ultimae has branched out in the last couple of years by having friends to the label program compilations, and with real success.  First there was Imaginary Friends (a delicate IDM-ish ambient record), and more recently Ambrosia, which featured primarily Greek artists.

Now comes Greenosophy compiled by Cyril Miserez aka mizoo.  This compilation starts off with a gentle ambient bookend, and eases into some rhythms.  Track 04 begins to prep you for the spike in the middle of the record, a minimal progressive trance space-out.  Cinematic?  Ultimae?  Yes and, of course.  Entries from Tripswitch, Solar Fields, and Sensen give you the punchy songs that structure the album’s peak before three songs from Mitek, James Murray, and Cygna gently leave you off where you started; an ambient (and at times, organic) head space.

An interesting compilation from the Ultimae library, both from the narrative perspective and also the richness of the individual songs.  The monster entry on this compilation comes from label stablemate Cell, a song called Idea Spiral, a 12 minute edit from a live performance that is long and slow and builds into something that really grips you; a really emotional track that turns around and peaks in doubletime at the end.