Catching up with: Das Kraftfuttermischwerk

Das Kraftfuttermischwerk is an band we are familiar with through the venerable (but perhaps extinct) Thinner Records.  I recently heard a few of their songs on OEM from the Eingang nach draußen LP (FREE DOWNLOAD, go get it!) which is nothing but solid downtempo jammies underpinning that German minimal dub that we dig so much.

In any case, I decided to check back in with Das Kraftfuttermischwerk and see what they’d been up to since I last heard from them (the Blüte seines Lebens EP, also on Thinner, and also FREE DOWNLOAD)….

Turns out Das Kraftfuttermischwerk have been rather busy, and put out several vinyls and self releases.  (Click the album covers for free downloads)

Im Garten der Schneekugel, released for free in 2009 on the netlabel Kahvi Collective is an LP packed with midtempo ditties as well as slower dubbed out jams.  Nearly the entire album is going into the OEM library.

Grabbed a handful of tracks each from Am Ende der Kirschallee (2010), and  Kleines Ganzes (2012).  Both of these albums create interesting sound-spaces, but have a lot of songs in that lend more to dubstep (although a German super-dubbed out minimalist version) than I can handle for OEM Radio.  Never the less, both are wonderful records and worth taking a listen to (both for free download!)

Catch up with Das Kraftfuttermischwerk and a lot of other fantastic free music on their website (warning: it’s in German).

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