Mahindra Waves – Morphogenesis

I try to keep the amount of beatless ambient tracks in the OEM Radio library to under 3% of the total.  This is to keep you from getting stuck in a droning swirling trance for hours while you’re at work, or getting prepped for a night out.  However, a nice spaced-out ambience every once in a while is good for the random selection that comprises OEM Radio.

Thus, we bring you deep and subtle space-ambient music from Greece…

Mahindra Waves – Morphogenesis

Mahindra Waves is the side project of Kostas Loukovikas from Consciousness Federation (that group we featured last week).  Morphogenesis comprises 6 deep space ambient tracks.  We grabbed 4 of them for OEM Radio, and are very happy to add them for your future listening pleasure.  For the instant-gratification set, the album isn’t released, but you can stream the tracks from the artist’s soundcloud page.

Get ready for spaced-out ambient drones laced with acoustic accompaniment and salient themes.

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