Enig’matik Records – Evolving Freedom compilation

Some dope pre-NYE music for you!  One of our new favorite netlabels is Enig’matik Records, who releases a lot of free downloads in addition to their main catalogue. This is a label that moves in a lot of different directions with their sound. The main undercurrent is experimental bass music, with enthusiastic contributors from all over the world. Last month, they released this free download compilation which you should certainly grab.

The comp includes an entry from our newest artist-crush, Auma. Other songs of note is a deep psychedelic dub from Quanta, a funk Walkabout retouched by Kalya Scintilla. This comp contains crazy bass, frenetic rhythm freakouts, touching melodies, and other oddities you wouldn’t imagine could/should be stitched together. Check it out in the player below, then go download it!