OEM Radio v3.0!!

We are very happy to announce that OEM Radio has moved to (yet another) new server which now allows us to program rotations.

Up until now, tracks just streamed randomly from the OEM library (which thousands of tracks, 200+ hours of music). Now we can give a little weight to newer music.

When you listen to OEM Radio now, you should notice the music we’ve added more recently will stream more often. We’re constantly working on the balance so that it’s not all out of whack. But if you look through the blog posts here over the last year, you should hear that music with a little more frequency.

So for instance, you should hear the new stuff from ReconditeKILN, Random Rab, and ambinate more than once a week.

We wish you a happy New Year. Please stay safe, and tune into OEM Radio before, during, and after your NYE celebrations!

We’ll have some wonderful new music to add to the library in the new year and will let you know about it here on the blog.


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3 thoughts on “OEM Radio v3.0!!

  1. Can you please update the stream on tunein.com? I’ve been listening using Sonos but its not been working for a week or so.

    • Hi, thanks for letting us know. I’ve submitted the new stream info and it says it may be up to 48 hours. Please contact us at radio@oem-radio.org and let us know if it’s working again for you.

      Thanks for tuning in!

      • Brilliant, will try it and let you know. Been listening since 2006(?)

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