Yagya has arrived on OEM Radio

In 2002, in a small specialty CD shop in San Francisco, the storekeep slipped on an album called Rhythm of Snow: whirling sounds with delicate pulsing rhythms. This is Yagya’s debut album, and it was the first time we ever heard dub techno. Since then, Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson has put out a new record every 3-4 years with a concerted evolution to each release. Arguably, he is the preeminent master of ambient dub techno.

We first contacted him six years ago to get his music on OEM Radio. 4,200 miles and a language barrier between us, we finally got through last week and now we’re very happy to bring selections from 7 of Yagya’s albums to the rotation. Here below is his first release, Rhythm of Snow, and the latest, Old Dreams and Memories.