Sync24 – Comfortable Void

This one took a long time to post because I got lost in some sort of aural K-hole listening to this album on repeat.

I’ll be honest with you.  I don’t really know what the true difference between Carbon Based Lifeforms and Sync24 is, from a musical perspective.  In any case, Daniel Segerstad’s solo work as Sync24 is strong as ever: thematic, driving, spacious, experiemental, and truly sublime.  The only thing that’s a shame about this album is that I can’t play it for you on OEM in whole.  It is a cinematic story told in sequences, synths, guitar arpeggiations, whispers, and robotic spasms.  This album is a true joy from one of the strongest members of the Ultimae Records roster.

This album is released by Ultimae Records, and is available as digital download or Digi-pak CD with beautiful artwork (as always…)

Here’s a gorgeous multimedia preview of the album:

Here is the full cut of Dance of the Droids:

The full 10+ minutes of Oomph:

Here is the full cut of Inadvertent from the album:

And finally, Something Something: