Consciousness Federation – Nocturnal EP

The guys Kostas and Kostas from Greece are back with a quick 2 track EP.

Consciousness Federation is one of our newer favorite finds.  The sound sort of reminds one of the Saafi Brothers’ work, but a little less severe.  The rhythms move along at a clip, but the songs are not rushed: the songs are long, build over time, and always stay true to their titular themes.  You could just as easy hear these songs in an off-beat science-fiction movie as much as the back room of a party.

This EP is released by Uxmal Records and available for digital download at Beatport.

Listen to the title track here:

Listen to the flip side of the EP here:

And just for kicks because when we featured them earlier in the year, it never occurred to me to embed youtube videos… A recording of the band performing live:

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