New Artist: Robert Rich

Not new really at all. We worked with Robert on a couple of concerts in the San Francisco area about 10 years ago. Frankly, I’m not certain why we have’t dove into his rather expansive catalogue for OEM Radio until now.

In short, Robert Rich was one of the standout artists in the post-Eno period of ambient music. He was known in the ambient scene in the 1980’s for giving 8-hour long “sleep concerts”, which are self-explanatory. Robert takes an intellectual tack to making music, but the results are surprisingly visceral. Much of Robert’s work isn’t suited for our internet radio format—long, heady, slow music—though it’s wonderful just the same. However, we managed to find some selections from several of his albums that we love and will add some surprising character to the OEM Radio library—including these songs and more…

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