Djunya / Janover – Quanta

Surprising new EP out from Muti Music…

Dubstep is really a slippery slope. It is true there have been some extremely innovative and interesting dubstep releases in the past—especially minimal dubstep. However, dubstep is typically too abrasive, atonal, amusical, and frankly, offensive to devote any airtime to.

While we have put some music that has elements of dubstep into the OEM Radio library, this is a bit of a deeper foray for us. Djunya is well known to the dubstep community for  meaty releases all over the place. Janover is well known as a monster instrumentalist (most notably the hammer dulcimer) that has participated in all kinds of interesting electronic acoustic projects including Zilla and Sporque. Enter Djunya / Janover.

This is what we really love about acoustic music interwoven with electronic music. Both sides are aware of each other – there is interplay between them. The song Vast alternately has Janovers hammer dulcimer spewing out rhythm and melody over the synthesizer pads before the two sides come together in tight rhythm. We managed to find a shareable version of Conduit, so enjoy…

You can purchase this EP in digital formats at Addictech. Highly recommended.

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