Motionfield – a sort of homecoming

We’ve been adding a lot of beat-laden ambient lately it seems…

We were introduced to Motionfield by Evan Bluetech’s (sadly) now-defunct ambient label Somnia Sound that put out limited edition releases in beautifully made (possibly hand crafted, printed, and sewn) disc sleeves. I wish I could point you to a place to get that album, Optical Flow, because it is god damned amazing—but it’s out of print and has no online distribution.

In any case, Petter Frieberg aka Motionfield got in touch to send us his new album a sort of homecoming, which is out on his own label called Autoload.

It’s hard to describe this album, but it’s something close to waking up in a morphine-induced dreamland. Ambiences float past you while with melodies that absorb directly into your heart – while slow delicate rhythms that have perfectly rounded edges pull you to the next amazing destination.

Listen for yourself!

(sadly this is the only sample we could find online…)

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