Introducing: Cut Records

Cut Records is an amazing new(-ish) netlabel that we ran across recently. Cut is the pet project of the head of Echodub Records (more on them another time…) and artist DFRNT. Like its netlabel predessors, Cut is not hung up on genre labels and distributes all of its music for free (or donation). Unlike most other netlabels, Cut is singularly focused on quality. This bears mentioning because most netlabels release virtually anything, regardless of quality. We are happy to report that nearly 80% of the Cut catalogue has been included in the OEM Radio library; a level of extraordinary attention to quality that we have not found in any other netlabel (even Thinner, our favorite, now defunct, netlabel).

Please regard these amazing sounds, and feel free to hit them up and devour their music (for free or donation):

Each player below contains multiple tracks, check them all out.

DFRNT – High Friends in Places EP

Rain Dog – See Hear EP

Existance – Miles Apart EP

DFRNT – Actaeon EP

Theftt – Primer EP

V/A – Cut Volume 1

∑-fly – Tetrachrome EP

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