New Artist – Ambinate

Frankly, we can’t believe the amount of free ultra-high quality music people have been putting out.  We are very pleased to introduce you to this artist who hails from New Jersey and makes his music available for free or donation. Everything he puts out is unassuming but compelling.

NOTE: Each of the players below has 4 tracks each, we encourage you to listen to all the music!

No Matter EP features four tracks of spacious ambient downtempo. (free download)

Horizon EP is another 4-track affair that falls within the realm of ambient dubstep with delicate pads and steady rhythms.  (free download)

Cycles EP is another ambient dubstep EP with some interesting excursions into syncopation and other more abstract techniques. (free download)

Transitory EP is more of the same awesome stuff, but different.  (we’re running out of descriptors, just go download this damn thing).