Hypha – Murmurs

Muti Music has put out a tight little EP that is making us reconsider West Coast bass music. The problem we’re having with most of the bass music coming out is the lack of structure. A lot of it feels like they’re just throwing a shitload of throbbing bass and noises at the wall just to see what sticks. We call this splatterbass music. On the other side is the stuff with mega-throb bass with synchronized lead stabs with 8-bit game noises. We call this nitrous Atari-hop.

While Hypha’s work here still has a bit of the old throb n’ stab (yes, you just read that), the pacing is deliberate and even leaves room for the listener to hear the music—not just feel it. We are thoroughly digging the instrumental tracks on this EP, take a listen:

This EP is available from Addictech and other fine retailers.