UPDATED: Bluetech – Rainforest Reverberation

UPDATE:  You can listen to a lot of these songs on Youtube… ENJOY: SEE BELOW

For as long as I’ve known him, 8 years I guess, Bluetech has intrigued me as a quiet intellectual.  When we talk books, he’s always reading some seriously heady shit.  He’s always been singly interested in where his music takes people, rather than where it takes him.  I think he’s totally uninterested/disenchanted in the business of music, and just wants to make music.  This is partially evidenced by that fact that 100% of the proceeds from his latest album go to end deforestation and other horrible shit going on in the Amazon.

Bluetech – Rainforest Reverberation

Another great record from Evan Bluetech that is bookended with incantations from Eye Ladyapples.  Solid next-wave Bluetech songs with some very interesting remixes sprinkled in from Kilowatts, Kayla Scintilla, and Mr. Bill.  One exceptional standout from the assorted offerings is the sublime Avatar of the Horticult.  This song feels like being gently pulled through an overgrown field in late summer, and it clocks in at over 9 minutes.   I love what Evan’s doing here both aurally and metaphysically with the album release.  Pick it up, and join in with a small philanthropic effort.

I also recommend seeing Bluetech perform live.  Very few electronic musicians can really move perform downtempo and midtempo music well, and he is at the top of the heap.