Andreilien – Dub Iteration

The return of Heyoka, but under a new name.  Same crazy psychedelic funk-dub, just a hair short of total madness.

I watched Andrei come up in the SF chillout scene. I remember him playing us some of his earliest music production experiments, in 2003?  I feel like his newest effort really reigns in the listless, maybe frenetic pace marked by his earlier work with a keener eye on composition, but without losing his characteristic bouncy, fun-loving sound.  This isn’t music that has to be taken seriously, it’s meant to be enjoyed at a really visceral level.

Dub Iteration was released by Muti Music, and is available at Addictech for digital download.

Here’s a video of the title track:


And a live video from his performance at Symbiosis 2012: