Two joints from transient (beat.dowsing & Harmonic Defiance)

It’s good catching up with old friends. Carl Martin aka transient aka beat.dowsing aka Harmonic Defiance (and others) has two new entries into the OEM Radio library (though in truth, he has a raft of great free music to grab).


Harmonic Defiance – Language of Light, a neat little EP full of minimal techno movers with micro-editing reminiscent of Akufen (circa 2002), though a little more laid back as is c.martin’s style. This is a new moniker for transient, which means a new approach to song style and groove construction. We really dig this one and hope he’ll put out some more music on this tip.








beat.dowsing – washed.out – transient brings back the beat.dowsing moniker along with its peculiar, minuscule, and (dare we say) cute grooves.







Pick both up, along with others, free at his blog site, Noisy Vagabond.