UPDATED: Sunmonx – Power Salad

UPDATED: with youtube tracks…see below!

This album perfectly embodies the problem with attempting to write about music: sometimes you hear something new that’s unique and you just say HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT IS INCREDIBLE, and you can’t really describe it well enough…  Here goes anyways:

Sunmonx – Power Salad

Sunmonx is a duo from Australia that includes Opiuo and Austero.  Interchill has no doubt found another diamond in the dub-rough.  Opiuo is well known especially here on the West Coast for his crunchy glitch-hop tunes that are highly reminiscent of Tipper.  Austero is apparently some incredible guitar genius, strictly judging from this record.  The bottom line on this album is: a kinetic fusion of dub, reggae, blues, and funk with a slight twinge of dubstep.  The first track, Parma Panorama is emblematic of this seemingly nonsensical style-salad; with a horn section, smooth guitar lines, a steady ragga skank, and a sax solo befitting Maceo Parker.

Here are some tracks from the album:

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  1. one of my favorite albums. would kill for a vinyl release.

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