Poll: would you support OEM Radio for a few $’s?

Hello folks,

Our question is this… (see below for details)

This is just a poll to get a general feeling, this poll does not obligate you to anything, and we’re not logging any other data.


Our server-troubles of late have got us thinking of moving to a paid Shoutcast host. For the last 12 years, our bandwidth has been silently sponsored by a large media company for whom we are eternally grateful. They have upgraded their servers and the changes have broken our web-based player, which most of you use. We’ve reached the end of the line as far as we can rightly bitch and moan about free bandwidth.

For 12 years we have been running OEM Radio on the good graces of  two media companies (both paying for various aspects of our bandwidth) and the artists and labels who create and distribute the music. This has always been a zero-dollar effort (no money in, no money out). The station has always aimed to broadcast underexposed music to a wider audience, serving both the artists as well as the listeners who enjoy the music. Now we would be shifting it to a zero-profit venture to cover these costs…


It will cost us about $450.00 per year to move to a paid host with all the web-based player bells and whistles we’re used to (not iPhone/Android apps, however…That’ll cost more).

We are only interested in fundraising the cost of hosting the stream, no more.

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2 thoughts on “Poll: would you support OEM Radio for a few $’s?

  1. I have discovered several artists listening to your station. Artists I have gone on to buy many albums of. So credit where it’s due, I think a few dollars in return is warranted.

  2. I am a huge fan of your radiostation. I listen OEM Radio almost everyday in my atelier and Im never used your web player. I use iTunes on my mac or TuneIn app. on my iPad or iPhone (on my bike). Like most of my friends. So, let your webPlayer die ;).

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