OEM Radio turns 20!

Twenty years ago this Summer, Original Electronic Music Radio was dreamed up on a beach in San Francisco, California, USA. In lieu of a four-part detailed account of the origin of OEM Radio I wrote last year when I incorrectly remembered the year we started it, I will give you this short story:

Back in 2001, we got into streaming with recordings from a series of live electronic music shows we were promoting in the SF Bay Area. In 2002 on the aforementioned beach, a friend was bemoaning the fact that we wouldn’t play his studio tracks that couldn’t be performed live. That was the spark for the idea to start a new stream that played interesting electronic music from artists and labels that we liked and knew directly. Thence, OEM RADIO WAS BORN.

OEM Radio is a labour of love for me, and I want to thank you for tuning in and enjoying the music that I enjoy. And my deep gratitude to the artists and labels who are so gracious to allow us to broadcast their work. Lastly, many thanks to the Ultimae Records crew who has been sponsoring our streaming costs for several years. I hope you all continue to listen to, produce, release, and support all of this wonderful music.

Maer Ben-Yisrael…