Motionfield – Laponia & Music for Pictures EP

This one’s been sitting in the “check out” queue for quite some time, but I dug it up recently to give it a listen.  The whole record resonates for OEM Radio, so we added it to the library.

Motionfield – Laponia & Music for Pictures EP

 We know Motionfield from his landmark release [as far as I’m concerned] Optical Flow on Bluetech’s now-defunct ambient label, Somnia.  This album, however, was released on Thinner Records, our netlabel friends from Germany, who may also now be defunct.  (However, you can still download 100+ albums and singles from their netlabel archive free and legally).

Laponia is an album full of delicate rhythms underpinning slow pulsing ambiences.  This album is more moody than Optical Flow, but somehow a little spacier, too.

Music for Pictures is as advertised, a bit more cinematic, less ambiences, more evocative aural imagery.  This EP has a little more active sound that a lot of Motionfield’s other work.

Laponia is available for MP3 purchase at Amazon, and Music for Pictures can be downloaded FREE at Thinner’s sublabel Autoplate archive (scroll down until you see [apl 34])