Marconi Union & Jah Wobble – Anomic

We’re back and happy to present you with some new music added to the OEM library recently…

One of our favorite ambient artists has teamed up with the prolific bassist Jah Wobble (perhaps known to heads for his work with Bill Laswell) for an extraordinary meeting of ambient and dub music. Jah Wobble’s bass work is unmistakable and drives ambience of Marconi Union’s intricate rhythms and ambiences. MU’s work here is a bit more angular than you may be used to hearing from them, and Jah Wobble’s deep bass lines push the band so much further into dub territory. The blending of styles makes the album overall a slight departure from the band’s work to date, but is highly recommended and a welcome addition to the OEM Radio library.

The MP3 album is under $7.00 from Amazon. Quite a deal.

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