Keratordash – Desound

Some Russian folks sent this one in (through the new site, thanks!)…

Keratordash – Desound

Desound is an IDM album from Russia, sort of a mixed bag of edgy rhythms with varied types of synth instrumentation, and at times haunting piano riffs.  From song to song, the album really goes in all kinds of directions.  We picked a couple nice ambient-ish songs for the OEM library:  When Worlds Collide, and At the Edge.

I couldn’t commit to any of the more adventurous tracks for OEM not because I didn’t care for them, but because I wasn’t sure they’d piece into the overall sound of the station.  That notwithstanding, this is an interesting album with a wide range of moods.  It’s available for download for $1.00, so why the hell not?


Listening to the album again while writing this post, I realized I had to add another track to the library, Ben Drowned.  A song with haunting piano dalliances and crunchy IDM stuttering syncopated beats.