New Artist on OEM Radio: Asa

Asa will be a familiar name to bass-music  fans, but is a new and bizarre addition to OEM Radio. Along the lines of Eskmo but even stranger, Asa is firmly planted in the dubstep realm, but also creates a lot of gripping ambient-dubstep, future garage, and other music that, frankly, we can’t begin to describe.

Pushing the outer boundaries on the OEM Radio sound, we’d like to introduce you to some of Asa’s freely downloadable music. Although we got a little choosey with the tracks for the OEM library, the breadth of work here is impressive.

All of these EPs are free downloads, but you can donate.  The Bandcamp players contain all of the tracks, so hit play and let them play through.

Bits and Pieces

Withdrawl EP

Sweeter Things EP

You can hear much more of Asa’s work at his Soundcloud page.