We forgot to mention that last August/September was our 15 year anniversary. No big deal.


  • OEM Radio was conceived on a beach in San Francisco in 2003. (THE IDEA was conceived….)
  • OEM Radio’s streaming bandwidth was sponsored by AOL for the first 10 years–unbeknownst to almost anyone at AOL.
  • OEM Radio was in a bitter rivalry with SomaFM for the first 10 years–unbeknownst to literally anyone at SomaFM.
  • There are 3003 tracks right now in the library, which is 283 hours of music!
  • The artist most represented in the library is Bluetech with 103 tracks (almost 3.5% of the total).
  • Followed by Aes Dana (60 tracks), DFRNT/Stillhead (59 tracks), Edamame (57 tracks), and Kayla Scintilla (49 tracks).

Thank you to all of the artists and labels who contribute to our amazing rotation library and to the listeners who keep tuning in after all these years. We also want to express our deepest gratitude to Ultimae Records who not only stokes the library with music, but also sponsors the streaming bandwidth–THANKS SUNNY & VINCE!


And cheers to our patron saint, Evan Bluetech!


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