Fedbymachines – Abyss EP

Good news/Good noise coming out of Cut Records: their 21st release by Fedbymachines is a splended spacious head trip!

Cut recently went to a monthly subscription model to support itself, but we subscribed in a heartbeat because we know the quality of their past releases. For $1/mo, you get a new EP at the start of every month like clockwork; we have no issues shilling for this service. Curated by the prolific UK producer DFRNT, Cut has an established track record for putting out interesting electronic music that blithely hovers between sublime and gritty; staying original and experimental all the way.

The Abyss EP floats on ambient-future garage themes with (what we hear as) an old-school IDM undercurrent.

Seriously consider subscribing to Cut, and you’ll get an EP every month, with what we consider to be a 90% hit rate. (Note that this was the June release and obviously we’re running behind on blogging new additions to the rotation)