Dub Beautiful Collective at 20 years

Nearly two years before OEM Radio was spun up, our first foray into music was a series of live electronic performance events in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Twenty years ago this month, Dub Beautiful Collective held its first two events which featured a slate of live music performers. (This was rather novel in a city that had been completely overrun with DJs. You couldn’t find live electronic music performances at the time, except, rarely, at a small art gallery or the Mills College campus.) Over a 9 year run, we hosted amazing musicians–local, from out of town, and overseas–in wonderful venues: clubs, bars, chill rooms at dingy raves, a planetarium, a brew-n-view movie theatre stuffed with couches, live-work warehouse spaces, two years hosting a stage at the How Weird Street Fair in SF, and two Summers building a stage at the OM Music Festival near Toronto, Canada. All this eventually led us into internet radio and ultimately OEM Radio, which has endured since 2002.

We’ll post some more history and ephemera from that promotion and the events we presented in the coming months.

Some photos from those first two events: