Down 4 Life: Rodman Williams (LUX) memoriam broadcast

Tonight, Thursday January 16th at 8pm Pacific/11pm Eastern (US), OEM Radio will broadcast a 90 minute set of music by Rodman Williams as LUX, Art of Deth, and Indivisible, Inc..

We have collected several hours of Rodman’s work. Much of it is not mastered, so you will hear some uneven audio; a notion in itself that will be familiar to those who knew him and his music.

We’re having the unmastered audio cleaned up by Jon El-Bizri who mastered Rodman’s Down for Life LP and Booty EP. But for now we just want to enjoy the music regardless.

Please tune in and enjoy this broadcast in memoriam of Rodman Williams: 8pm Pacific / 11pm Eastern US.

Please also visit the gofundme crowdsourcing campaign to help Rodman’s family bring his remains home from Louisiana.

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3 thoughts on “Down 4 Life: Rodman Williams (LUX) memoriam broadcast

  1. listening to the Busta Rhymes track…

    Felt Rodman so strongly in the room.

    Thank You.

    Thank you for this.

    • Hello Domini,

      Very glad you were able to tune in. We’ll do it again (there’s more music, of course). It’s been a few years, it’s good to hear from you.



      • so grateful that this happened and extremely sad i missed the broadcast. i have a lot of his unpublished music as well. we were colleagues as well as friends. i miss him more than words can express. and have for a while now.

        will you do this again? please?

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