Bluetech – Liquid Geometries in Dub

Hot on the heels of last year’s Liquid Geometries comes a slate of dub remixes by a wide assortment of artists incluing YOUTH, Mixmaster Morris, Saafi Brothers, David Last, DF Tram, and others.

What’s most fascinating about the slate of songs on Liquid Geometries in Dub is that instead of reinterpreting the original pieces, the remixers have instead used the Bluetech’s original music as raw materials for their own wholly unique creations. The nature of Liquid Geometries is such that you’re hardly able to tell what elements from the original have been adapted. This stands as a marked and curious departure from other remix albums because each track is connected subliminally to the rest–rather than overtly like a typical remix album or thematically like a compilation should.

Go pick up one of the 12″ limited run vinyl EPs before they sell out.