7 Hours of mixes from Globular

Our newest psychedelic dub friend, Globular, has put out 4 mixes comprising 7 hours of music. This is all for free/name your price on Bandcamp. The zipfile will contain a text file with a link to the .wav on a Megashare site — this is legit, we did it and it’s safe.

From Globular:

Inside you’ll find 7 hours of music, split into 4 mixes across the entire glob sound palette…

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: open the text file in your download > follow the link 🙂

>>> Please consider contributing if you can <<<

4 mixes – 7 hours – All GLOB (and a little Geoglyph)…

Nose around deep enough and you’ll find a whole bunch of unreleased older tunes (usually the weirder more psychedelic ones) and even a few newer unreleased WIPs tucked away in here… There’s an epic 150 minute pure psychedelia mix, a shorter 90 minute version, a 2 hour set showcasing the best of myself and Geoglyph and our collabs, and a 90 minute uptempo vibe-raising job…

I hope you find value in my music and enjoy all the sounds and stuff. Always with love – Morison X

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