V/A: Depth Charge (Interchill Records)

Interchill Records is back with a new compilation featuring sounds from across the spectrum: dubstep, jazz, glitch, and good old fashion dub. A wonderful addition to the OEM Radio library.

Fantastic entries from the usual suspects like Liquid Stranger, Hibernation, Spiral System, and the surprising return of Legion of Green Men (LoGM – Canada’s best kept secret). The compilation also features a whole host of newcomers like Occult (perhaps our favorite track – Loose Change), Kaminanda, and a down-home roots dub JAM by Roots in Session.  Also sprinkled with a couple of gritty ambient-dubstep songs, this is another display of the label’s wide musical taste—so we salute Naasko and Andrew for putting this one together: willing to take a few risks, unwilling to drop a bland compilation.

The player below contains all of the songs from the album.  Press play and let it spin, or hit the Next button to track forward…