Project e.l.f. – Trouble

Very happy to bring you new music from an artist we haven’t heard from in several years. Project e.l.f. has been in the OEM Radio library for 5 years or more. Quite simply, these two guys are making the music that we wish Autechre had continued making after 1999.

But seriously, these guys are holding it down for the late-90’s IDM faithful. With staccato beats and warm melodies backing up machine tweaks, digital distortions, and saw waves, every track is like hearing future retro music. Project e.l.f. is basically unwilling to call it quits with pure machine music, and look to innovate with composition instead of technology.  We dig that, so take a listen.

The player below contains all the songs from the album. Hit play and let it spin, or you can click the next button to track through the album.