New Ultimae Records albums in…

I have been a little slow keeping up with the new albums sent in.  Ultimae’s got one compilation and one artist album that we just added to the OEM Radio library.

Various Artists – Ambrosia (selected by Fishimself)

A lovely compilation with entries mostly from Greek artists hitherto unheard of, at least from the Ultimae catalogue.  Beautiful and interesting songs that lend to the Ultimae style, but definitely have their own unique trends.  Also heard from: Aes Dana and Asura.

Solar Fields – Until We Meet The Sky

Magnus always impresses me when I hear a new album.  A lot of delicate ambiences at the beginning.  Just when you think this is an extension of Extended (deep ambient), all of a sudden in Phase 05, you get the electronica version of a power-ballad, but only for a minute or so to punctuate the track, which lulls back into ambiences.  Magnus pulls this trick off several times as the album progresses.  Beautiful record.

Check them out at Ultimae Records.

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