New Artist: Marconi Union

We are completely over the moon that we are able to introduce you to an amazing ambient band called Marconi Union.

Originally a duo consisting of electronics and guitar, they are now a trio that includes (acoustic) percussion. We have added the entirety of 7 of their 8 albums to the OEM Radio library. It’s difficult to articulate just how deeply resounding their work is, so we would just like to introduce you to a number of their pieces.

These European Cities (from Distance)

Breathing Retake (from Beautifully Falling Apart – Ambient Transmissions vol. 1)

Time Lapse (from Different Colours)

Weightless pt. 2 (from Weightless – Ambient Transmissions vol. 2)

Hinterland (from A Lost Connection)

First Light (from Different Colours)

We Travel (from A Lost Connection)