Aes Dana – Pollen

aes dana pollenOne of Ultimae Records‘ flagship arists, Aes Dana, is back with his latest album, Pollen. You are likely to get what you expect from this record: cinematic music that shifts between frenetic, complex elements and reductive abstractions. Aes Dana has a love for frenetic syncopations that build and rollover into a familiar slow 4/4 trance pulse. More so than his previous albums, Aes Dana has allowed himself a lot of room for experimental deviations. Pollen contains some very surprising moments including the opener, Jetlag Corporation which is almost an ambient IDM piece with off balance staccato beat. Another surprising song of note is Low Tide Explorations, an 11 minute piece of that vacillates between ambiences and intense rhythmic tangents.

The album should be taken in whole, as it builds and moves between experimental dalliances, slow 4/4 trance pieces, midtempo trance pieces, and ambient motions – somehow woven into an alchemical, cohesive narrative. The results are stunning. The sum of this album is far deeper and greater than these words can illustrate, so please dig in for yourself:

Jetlag Corporation

Low Tide Explorations


Horizontal Rain

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